During the Visco supplementation treatment for arthritis, the healthcare provider injects hyaluronic acid into your joint(s). This may help reduce pain and swelling in your knee(s) where the natural fluid or “cushion” has been depleted.

Examples of VISCO Injections

  • Gel One – 1 injection
  • Hymovis – 2 series injection (1 injection per week for 2 weeks)
  • Gelsyn 3 – 3 series injection (1 injection per week for 3 weeks)
  • Synvisc – 3 series injection (1 injection per week for 3 weeks)
  • Synvisc One – 1 injection
  • Euflexxa – 3 series injection (1 injection per week for 3 weeks)
  • Orthovisc – 3 series injection (1 injection per week for 3 weeks)
  • Monovisc – 1 injection
  • Durolane – 1 injection

Process of Requesting a VISCO Injection

Below are the steps that are taken for requesting, processing, and receiving Visco Injections, these steps may vary.

1. Upon completion of the appointment, the provider will submit a request for Visco Injection(s).
2. Paperwork will be completed and faxed to a preferred specialty pharmacy based on the patient’s insurance.
3. Once received by the specialty pharmacy, the patient’s demographics and insurance are processed into the pharmacy’s system.
4. Insurance is processed to see if requested injection is covered.
5. Once injection is approved, the specialty pharmacy will reach out to the patient to obtain consent for delivery, and discuss any copays. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE YOUR OWN DELIVERY.
6. The specialty pharmacy will reach out to Cape Fear Orthopedics and speak with the Visco Coordinator to schedule delivery. The injection is then shipped to Cape Fear Orthopedics.
7. Once the injection is received, it will be processed into the system. An overview of the injection will be done to ensure there were no disruptions during shipment.
8. Once the injection has been received, the Visco Coordinator will call the patient to schedule an appointment.
9. Patient will come in for scheduled injection appointment(s).

If injection is denied: Pharmacy will notify clinic and another insurance preferred injection will be submitted. The process will then start over.
If injection is approved: Pharmacy will notify clinic to schedule injection for delivery.
If additional information is needed: Pharmacy will notify clinic and additional clinic notes will be submitted.

Additional Information

  • Recommended injection is subject to change.
  • Injection requests can take 6 to 8 weeks, or longer.
  • Each Visco injection appointment is subject to a copay.
  • Specialty pharmacy will be reaching out to the patient directly via a Toll Free number. Please answer the call, as the process cannot continue until the patient speaks with the specialty pharmacy.